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A visit to an island brewer Posted by on Jun 20, 2016

All across Denmark bryggere (brewers) are busy catering to the Danes’ notorious love of øl (beer). I went to the small Samsø Bryghus to talk to one of them. Who’re you and where are we? Jeg hedder Stinne. Vi er på Samsø. Jeg er 52 år, gift og har fem børn. (I’m Stinne. We’re on…

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Danish in a Glass of Beer Posted by on Mar 26, 2016

Jeg stormed ud og købte øl / ja vintrens gamle stive føl / fór ud på grønne enge… Once you get it, you’ll see that only in Denmark would anyone sing about springtime kærlighed (love) with the words: I rushed out to buy beer / yeah, the old, stiff winter foals / darted out to…

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Trolls of Denmark Posted by on Feb 25, 2016

Did you know Danmark is full of trolde [trolleh] (trolls)? Ads often want to tell turister (tourists) a ”modern” story about Danish design and H.C. Andersen, so if you haven’t seen en trold in the streets of Copenhagen, it’s probably not your fault! 🙂 Trolls, however, have been around since vikingetiden (the Viking age) –…

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Fun at the Fredagsbar Posted by on Oct 12, 2012

Hooray, it’s Friday! On this day, every Danish students’ community with the tiniest bit of selvrespekt has its own fredagsbar [FREHdasbar]. The literal meaning of the word is ’Friday Bar’. It is usually a place where you can buy a fadøl (draught beer) or three and sit down to enjoy the company of your friends…

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Aarhus Festuge 2012 Posted by on Sep 12, 2012

As I write this, Århus is slowly recovering from last week’s festuge [FESToo’eh] (festive week, party week). With a quarter of a million indbyggere (inhabitants), the second largest city of Denmark and the capital of Jylland (the Jutland peninsula) has indeed got the human resources to stage a party! 🙂 Århus Festuge (or Aarhus Festuge…

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