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Question words are some of the most commonly used words in a language. And this is true with the Dari language too.  The use of the question words in Dari is very simple and by only knowing the question words and the “to be” verbs you can make simple sentences. Here we will teach you all the question words and their usage.

In Dari the question word comes at the beginning of a sentence if the subject is not used. If the subject is used in the sentence, then the question words come after the subject of the sentence. Since the subject of the sentence in Dari is usually omitted, the question word is usually the first word in the sentence.

The following is the list of question words in Dari:

What                    چی               chee

Who                   کی                   kee

Where                 کجا               kojaa

When             چی وقت             chee waqt

Why                     چرا               cheraa

How much          چند               chand

How                  چطور             chetor

The following is a short list of vocabulary that we will be using to make example sentences.

This        این              een

You        شما             shomaa

Is             است           ast

You are هستید          hasteed

Kind      مهربان         mehrabaan

He/she     او             oo


  1. Een chee ast?  این چی است؟  what is this?
  2. Ahmad kojaa ast? احمد کُجا است؟  Where is Ahmad?
  3. Een chand ast? این چند است؟  How much is this?

Please Watch the following video for the correct pronunciation of the words  and more example sentences.


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