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Dari Numbers 1 – 20 Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in language

numbers image by Irargerich via flickrIf you’re new to learning Dari, we’ve created this simple table of Dari numbers from 1 to 20 just for you. We’ve also included a video with voice pronunciation. Listen to it a few times, and make sure to practice saying the words out loud too; this will really help you retain the information.

When you’re ready for more, be sure to check out our other Dari language resources.


Number Dari
0 sefr
1 yak
2 du
3 se
4 chahaar
5 panj
6 shash
7 haft
8 hasht
9 noh
10 dah
11 yaazdah
12 dawaazdah
13 sizdah
14 chahaardah
15 paanzdah
16 shanzdah
17 hafdah
18 hazhdah
19 nuzdah
20 bist


And here is the pronunciation video:

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