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That’s My Lunch! (Possessives in Dutch) Posted by on Apr 26, 2011

Work refrigerators – they are the bane of many people’s life.  No one wants to clean them and if you put something good in, you can almost guarantee it won’t be coming out, in your hands at least.  After today’s post, you will be well equipped to exert your ownership on that tasty lunch, especially…

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Get Into the Orange Party Spirit Posted by on Apr 14, 2011

Photo Credit: Holland.com

Queen’s Day – the once a year event where everyone covers their immediate surroundings (including themselves) in orange, drags out their unwanted possessions to sell at the free market and for many, consumes large amounts of alcohol.  If you aren’t able to catch a flight to the Netherlands and live in the United Kingdom, then…

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Meet My Family Posted by on Apr 12, 2011

Knowing how to talk about your family in Dutch is not only useful for answering questions when put on the spot but is also handy as a conversation starter.  Of course to do that, you need to know some family related words and key phrases.  Let me introduce you to my family, as a starting…

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Kom in de Kas: Stepping Into a Greenhouse Posted by on Apr 7, 2011

If you look out the window as you fly into the Netherlands at night, it is hard to miss all the greenhouses that are in the country. It is the orangey glow, visible even high up, that gives them away. You may have seen one of those greenhouses from afar but have you ever had…

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Subject Pronouns in Dutch Posted by on Apr 5, 2011

When you are just starting out in learning Dutch, one of the most important parts you can master are the subject pronouns.  Luckily, they are quite straightforward with just a few points that need extra attention.  This post will review the subject pronouns and highlight those attention-needing points. Subject Pronouns Subject pronouns are the words…

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