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How The Word Dutching Changes The Game Posted by on Nov 11, 2019

Dutching. If you gamble, you have heard of this term, perhaps. What does it mean, and where does it come from? How are the Dutch involved this time? Let’s find out! For other terms in this series of “Dutch” words, check this link. Splitting your inzet Dutching is a term in gokken (gambling) that refers to splitting…

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Curious Words in Dutch 5: Eekhoorntjesbrood Posted by on Nov 7, 2019

Yesterday, Karoly wrote about paddestoelenseizoen  (mushroom season) in the Netherlands. A wonderful time of the year, with some delicious recepten (recipes) and maaltijden (dishes). And while mushrooms have some weird names like hanekam (literally “cockscomb”, chanterelle mushrooms), oesterzwam (oyster mushroom) or hoorn van overvloed (horn of abundance), there is one that is really quite curious: Eekhoorntjesbrood! Previous posts in this series: Curious Words In…

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Mushroom Season in the Netherlands Posted by on Nov 6, 2019

Fall is here and we can enjoy the season of mushroom picking or plukken. I have spotted different kinds in parks, fields and in the forest. Yesterday while I was walking my dog Lisa, I found this beautiful fairytale-like mushroom. Perhaps a kaboutertje or gnome was hiding in there! In Dutch, mushrooms are customarily called paddenstoelen or champignon like…

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Dutch Word of the Month October: Vagevuur Posted by on Oct 28, 2019

October, the month of Halloween and spookiness. Of course, there are spooky Dutch words related to this as well. The Word of the Month of October – Vagevuur. Click here for previous Words of the Month What does it mean? Vagevuur means “Purgatory”. According to some Christians, it is the state between dying and going to heaven…

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Dutch Blitz: The Game That’s Not Dutch At All! Posted by on Oct 24, 2019

In another post in our series on “Dutch”-terms, we are looking at another economic term, like the “Dutch disease” post last time. Today, we will look at the Dutch Blitz – what is it about? Let’s find out. Check out other “Dutch”-terms posts here. A not-so-Dutch Card Game Dutch Blitz, as it turns out, is…

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Spreekwoorden en Uitdrukkingen (Sayings and Expressions) 12 – Halloween Special Posted by on Oct 17, 2019

Halloween is coming up! The pumpkin-carving fest is celebrated more and more in the flat country I call my home. So the appropriate spreekwoord (saying) and uitdrukking (expression) can’t be missing. While we don’t have spreekwoorden or uitdrukkingen that are directly about Halloween, we have a few fitting ones. Let’s dive in spreekwoord first! For other sayings and expressions…

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The Dutch Ministry of Defence: Who are they and what do they do? Posted by on Oct 16, 2019

During the yearly Prinsjesdag or the day when the King presents the government’s plan for the upcoming year, the Koning Willem-Alexander announced that the military would receive about €3 billion (about $3.3 billion US dollars) money for updating and modernising. This project of herstellen en moderniseren 2020 which began in 2014, has so far cost € 11,035…

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