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Book Review: Mama Tandoori Posted by on Mar 28, 2018

I have to admit that my latest Dutch literature read was selected only because Herman Koch, one of my two favorite Dutch writers up until now, recommended it. When I saw on the cover that he said it was “the funniest and most moving book I have read this year,” I knew I had to…

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Dutch Elections: Vote for City Council Posted by on Mar 20, 2018

On March 21st, the elections in the Netherlands will be for local officials and the WIV referendum which I wrote about last week. But who are the city officials and why should you vote? Who can vote? Local elections in the Netherlands take place every four years, and these elections have more eligible voters because residents…

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Dutch Elections: The Wiv Referendum Posted by on Mar 15, 2018

This month, the Dutch will be going to the polls once again to vote. Dutch voters will have several choices to make, one of which is the referendum over de wet op de inlichtingen- en veiligheidsdiensten 2017 or the law of the intelligence and security services 2017. This law is also know as Wiv 2017, aftapwet and sleepwet…

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And the Oscar Goes to… Posted by on Mar 14, 2018

Earlier this month, the 90th ceremony of the Oscars took place in the U.S. After much backlash from the lack of diversity in the awards, this year’s ceremony seemed more open to movies from all sorts of backgrounds. The gala was full of the glamour and beautiful dresses we have grown accustomed to and everyone…

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