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What is the difference between Kennen and Weten? Posted by on Jan 24, 2019

Kennen and weten are two Dutch verbs that look different, but translated to English mean exactly the same: “to know”. So what is the difference? When do you use kennen? And when do you use weten? Weten Weten seems to refer to actually having researched knowledge, made observations about a certain topic – like a scientist that weet something. In fact, science is…

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The North Sea Dikes Open Once Again Posted by on Jan 23, 2019

This month, the Haringvlietsluizen opened up to let fish swim between the North Sea and the Haringvliet which is south of Rotterdam in the province of South Holland. Parts of the dike will remain open so long as there is no risk of high water. Haringvlietsluizen- History The Haringvlietdam is part of the Delta Works which are…

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Dutch President Rutte Is In Trouble Again Posted by on Jan 14, 2019

Like with the discussion about zwarte pieten (Black Petes), the Dutch have a discussion about the need and safety of vuurwerk (fireworks) at the end of every year. A problem that most people agree on, however, is that hulpverleners (aid workers) should be left in peace to do their work during the dangerous night that carries us into the new year…

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The Dutch Day of Wallowing! Posted by on Jan 9, 2019

Yes, you read the title right. There is a Dutch day of wallowing or zwelgen! Read below to find out about this curious event. What is zwelgen? According to my trusted Prisma dictionary, zwelgen means the following: gulzig en veel eten en drinken; zich te buiten gaan aan, genieten van; zich helemaal overgeven aan het hebben van medelijden…

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