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Annie M.G. Schmidt and the Adults Posted by on Mar 26, 2010

We covered Annie M.G. Schmidt’s work for kids and teenagers, which leaves one group missing: what did Annie M.G. Schmidt write for adults? Although I kept this topic until last, Schmidt actually started out with writing for the adults. In 1938 she got herself out there by writing two poems that were both published in…

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Annie M.G. Schmidt – Jip and Janneke Posted by on Mar 12, 2010

Where was I in my last blog..? O yeah, Jip and Janneke. Okay, so the two young next door neighbors, Jip and Janneke, appeared weekly in Het Parool, a famous Dutch newspaper. Annie M. G. Schmidt wrote the stories between the journalists and editors in the building of Het Parool. Jip and Janneke share kiddy…

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Who is Annie M.G. Schmidt? Posted by on Mar 5, 2010

I remember flipping through the pages of the books of Annie M.G. Schmidt as a kid, smelling the library scent of the paper, reading and thinking about the words and looking at the sometimes crazy pictures. The name Annie M.G. Schmidt didn’t mean much to me, even though I knew she was famous. For a…

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