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The Fountains of Friesland Posted by on May 23, 2018

This year, Leeuwarden is the Culturele Hoofdstad or cultural capital. Several events have been set up by the local and regional governments, as well as by the private sector, to promote the rich historical and cultural heritage of the region. One of the planned events were 11 fountains by world-renowned artists. The idea of fountains stems from…

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“Een nieuw jasje” for speed skating! Posted by on Nov 16, 2015

Thialf blijft Thialf. Voor de rest wordt alles nieuw. With this slogan, the re-make of the most famous schaatsbaan (speed skating rink) of the Netherlands has begun. Before we go more into this slogan more deeply, you probably want to know what Thialf is! The old Thialf Thialf is an speed skating rink in Heerenveen in Friesland. It was opened by…

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Fries – a language for itself! Posted by on Nov 2, 2015

Fryslân – it will probably not tell you a lot. It is a word not from the Dutch, but the Frysian language, het Fries. Fryslân is the name of the Dutch province in which Fries is spoken: Friesland. Now, yes, there are many different dialects, and versions of Fries. But in this post, I mean Westerlauers Fries, or Standaardfries when I mention Fries. This is the…

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Netherlands: What’s Happening in February Posted by on Feb 2, 2012


We are already into the second month of 2012.  The time seems to speed by.  So, what can you expect in the Netherlands for the month of February?  Here are some of the highlights: Friesland – Now that the temperatures have finally dropped and winter appears to truly have arrived, the province of Friesland is…

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