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Laughter is the best medicine Posted by on Aug 29, 2013

We have an expression in English that is “laughter is the best medicine.” This expression is often used to remind a person who is sad or sick or suffering to try and find something, even something very small, to be happy or smile. This isn’t just a saying either, researchers have show that humor, smiling…

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Sunday Funday Posted by on Aug 27, 2013

As Sunday is the end of the weekend, most people think of it as the day before going back to work all week. However, it’s better to think of this last day of the week as “Sunday Funday.” That means you should have as much fun as you can before heading back to work from…

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The 5, well actually 7, senses of the body Posted by on Aug 27, 2013

Have you ever wondered what to call the different senses in English…wonder no longer. Here is a video that looks at the 7 senses of the human body, naming them and related vocabulary, in English.

“Achoo” and “God bless you” Posted by on Aug 20, 2013

Sneezing is something we all do, but apparently we don’t all make the same sounds when we sneeze, and some people (Deaf people) don’t make any specific sound at all! In English when a person sneezes they say “achooo” (which could also be spelled: ‘hachoo’ or ‘achew’). I always thought this was an instinctual…

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Getting straight some common mistakes in English Posted by on Aug 15, 2013

Today I have a quick review for you of some common mistakes people make in English and some ideas for you to keep these different words straight so you don’t make these common mistakes again. “For” vs. “since” For and since are both prepositions that deal with time. “Since” is used with a specific point…

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Today is International Left-handers Day Posted by on Aug 13, 2013

The majority of the world’s populations (85%) is right-handed, and so much of the man-made world is best suited for right-handed people. Things like scissors, notebooks and books, can openers, baseball gloves, cup holders in cars, school desks, etc. are all usually made for right-handed people. Even though the world in general seems to favor…

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“Onto” vs. “on to” Posted by on Aug 8, 2013

Today we are going to take a closer look at how to use the similar sounding and looking words “onto” and “on to.” Misusing these words by interchanging them, as though they were the same thing, is a common mistake that even native speakers make. But hopefully after reading this post you will always…

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