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Archive for July, 2014

American city names. Posted by on Jul 31, 2014

Most cities in the United States have nicknames, you are probably familiar with a few of these already, like New York City’s nickname, ‘The Big Apple.’  Nicknames are a familiar and sometimes funny way of referring to something (or someone). Below I have listed 12 American cities and their nicknames.  For fun, you have to…

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Rocky Mountain National Park Posted by on Jul 29, 2014

Name:  Rocky Mountain National Park Year Established: 1915 Location: Colorado, USA Season: Open year-round. Visitor Center hours vary by season. Cost: $20 for private vehicle, $10 for motorcycles, cyclists and hikers (good for 7 days) Accommodation:  There are only a few campgrounds inside the park. Nearby communities offer guest houses and hotels. Brief Description: Rocky Mountain National Park has elevations…

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English vocabulary for time, history, and eras. Posted by on Jul 28, 2014

We divide time up in many ways, for example: seconds minutes (60 seconds = 1 minute) hours (60 minutes = 1 hour) days months (28-31 days = 1 month) years (12 months = 1 year) decades (1 decade = 10 years) centuries (1 century = 100 years) This type of vocabulary for talking about…

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Doctor, doctor give the news in English. Posted by on Jul 24, 2014

There is a song in English that goes like this: “Doctor, doctor give me the news I’ve got a bad case of lovin’ you No pill’s gonna cure my ill I’ve got a bad case of lovin’ you” I think this song about doctors is a good introduction for us to look at the different…

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Redundant words in English – time to cut them out. Posted by on Jul 22, 2014

Redundant words are words that are extra, not needed, and/or repetitive. Sometimes people use redundant words to emphasize a point or to try and make what they are saying seem stronger or clearer, but usually redundant words do exactly the opposite. Redundant words often make a person look like they don’t know what they are…

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