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The Oregon Trail how American’s moved west Posted by on Dec 11, 2014

Covered wagon from the Oregon Trail.

Ever since the Europeans landed on the shores of North America they have wanted to go to the west to see what was there. People have traveled west by foot, boat, horse, and wagon – all in search of new adventure and a better life. Today people still do this, but now they have cars…

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The silent letter ‘e’ in English: Why is it there? Posted by on Dec 9, 2014

The letter e.

You may have noticed that a number of English words end in the letter ‘e,’ but this letter ‘e’ is almost never pronounced – it is silent. So, why is it there? Does it serve a function, if so, what? Today, if you read on, you are going to find out why this silent ‘e’…

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English metaphors and idioms about life on the farm Posted by on Dec 4, 2014

A farm in fall.

Nowadays, most Americans don’t live on farms. Even though most Americans don’t live or work on farms anymore, farm life and idioms about this life are still part of our everyday vocabulary in English. So, today I am going to present a number of metaphors, idioms, and expression that have to do with life on…

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Wild: From Lost to Found in the Pacific Crest Trail Posted by on Dec 2, 2014


If you are looking for a good book to read in English, let me recommend to you a personal adventure story that I really like. The book I am thinking of is called Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail by Cheryl Strayed. One reason I am recommending this book to you…

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