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Prepositions of movement Posted by on May 31, 2021

All teachers know it: when it comes to prepositions, students cannot help but roll their eyes in frustration. And there is no denying that this grammar topic can be highly confusing even to the most advanced learners. And in some cases we might come across that word that we didn’t even know was a preposition…

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Some verbs and their prepositions Posted by on Jul 31, 2019

Hello, dear readers! Listen to me, I know that prepositions in English can sometimes be a little confusing, but if you insist on practicing regularly, it will be a lot easier to learn. For that reason, today’s post will provide you with some useful English verbs and the prepositions that usually follow them. Remember that, for…

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Verbs and their prepositions in English Posted by on Jul 31, 2018

Hey guys! Are you doing okay these days?  As in many languages, some verbs in English require a specific preposition to come up after the verb in a sentence in a certain context.  But there is no need for alarm, you do not have to memorize any of them. All you have to do is…

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