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Aprilaj Dusxoj Alportas… Posted by on May 20, 2009 in Esperanto Language

Majajn florojn! I haven’t been able to think about anything but flowers today. My neighbors across the street have a beautiful gxardeno that they’ve worked hard to cultivate. The results are wonderful…They have so many different types of flowers, all colorful and healthy.

Similar to last week’s entry on insektoj, there are plenty of Esperanto words for specific types of floroj, as well. Here I’ll list a few of them, so when you find a particularly notable specimen in your neighbor’s garden, you can compliment them on it using the most descriptive word available to you!

Daffodil – Narciso (think of “Narcissus,” the flower’s genus)
Daisy – Lekanteto
Nasturtium – Tropeolo
Tulip – Tulipo
Crocus – Krokuso
Violet – Violo
Buttercup – Ranunkolo
Dandelion – Leontodo (not quite a flower, perhaps, but occupies most of my garden!)

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  1. Lex:

    Jes, mi vidis la tulipojn. Ili plantis la bulbojn en la auxtuno, kaj la floroj floras en la printempo (aux frua somero, se la vintro estas longtempa).