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Cookbook Vocabulary Posted by on Nov 22, 2009 in Esperanto Language

Thanksgiving is drawing nearer, for all of us Usono residents. Perhaps you’ll be planning to eat many platefuls of food. Or, perhaps you’ll be the one preparing it all, or helping to prepare it! For all of you readers with a culinary bent, this entry has been made to provide you with an Esperanto vocabulary to help you with some of your kitchen needs.

In the meantime, think of how useful an Esperanto cookbook could be! Aside from finding the proper units (since the States still refuse to adopt the Metric System), clear Esperanto instructions could make for a wonderful text that compiles recipes for international cuisine. It might be a good barrier breaker!

To cook – kuiri
To roast – rosti
To boil – boligi
To bake – baki
To simmer – boleti (Notice the infix -et-!)
Oven – forno
Knife – trancxilo
Fork – forko
Spoon – kulero

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  1. Fred Meyer III:

    I have been using the La Internacia Kuirlibro by Johanna Shorter-Eyck for 30 years. It is very useful, but we always need more cook books.

  2. Ron Wolf:

    ekzistas esperanta kuirlibro cxe,

    Bonan Apetiton!


    An esperanto cookbook exists at,

  3. vocabexperts:

    Thanks Ron