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Dethroned At Last Posted by on Dec 29, 2009 in Esperanto Language

Have you been looking for Transparent’s Esperanto Blog via a search engine? For a good, long while, this blog used to be the first result if one searched “Esperanto Blog” in Google. However, it seems that the more than capable Ted Alper has eclipsed this particular publication! Congratulations, Mr. Alper. I’m not certain whether or not one would consider it an achievement, but know that at least one person has noticed your climb to search-engine stardom!

In other trends, you may have noticed as of late that I’ve been managing fewer and fewer posts. Well, in part, it can be said that I’m a slacker. The other part of my excuse is that graduate studies may linger on the horizon, and as such, completing my undergraduate degree has claimed priority over our Esperanto discussions! You’ll still see periodic content updates – no fewer than five per month – but for the most part I won’t be quite as attentive until life becomes less hectic!

Thanks to all of you readers, and your candid commentary, this blog has been worth maintaining and exploring. I imagine the trend will continue, so in advance, dankon!

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  1. Gunnar Gällmo:

    there are those who try do dethrone the language itself; see

    I’m especially fond of the words in American Thinker that “The Esperanto flag is the Soviet Flag in green rather than red” – not possible, as the Esperanto flag is older than the Soviet flag. On the other hand, if you take the US flag, cuts it down to one star and one stripe and change the colours a bit – voilà!

  2. Lex:

    Ah, so you found the American Thinker article, too? I was thinking of citing it in a blog entry, but I didn’t want to lend any sort of pseudo-legitimacy to someone like that!

    …Then again, the whole Soviet Flag discourse could be a joke. The writer sure had [has!] me fooled.