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Dictionary Links Posted by on Aug 5, 2009 in Esperanto Language

Cxu vi deziras vortarojn? Even the best sometimes need a quick reference to help them find the word for which they’re searching. I’ve decided to list a few of my favorites here, in case anyone wanted to grab hold of one.

Online, you can find a simple TXT-file version at the ever-reliable Project Gutenberg. Click the words to be taken to main page for a basic English-Esperanto dictionary. Using the Edit => Find feature in Microsoft’s NotePad, or whatever word processor you use for TXT files, will help you pick out the word you need. If you prefer to stay on the Web, there’s a similarly-made online dictionary at Esperanto Panorama. This one is useful in that it contains a version with the Esperanto diacritics, and another one that uses the x-coding you often find in typewritten Esperanto texts.

Or perhaps you’d prefer an actual, tangible book? While I don’t own a complete physical dictionary for Esperanto, I do have an abridged one. It’s included as an appendix to David Richardson’s Esperanto: Learning and Using the International Language, which I highly recommend as a reference text.

Mi esperas ke la vortaroj helpos vin! Gxis.

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  1. inga johanson:

    I like this “vortaro”

  2. Johano:

    I think that these two dictionaries would be helpful: this one and this one.

    And of course, there’s the monolingual (N)PIV!

  3. Lex:

    Thank you for the links, everyone! I am also a fan of La Reta Vortaro, since I feel as though it acts like both a dictionary and an encyclopedia.

  4. Benny the Irish polyglot:

    I quite like the dictionary on the side of the Lernu site, but when all the above dictionaries fail me the best by far is just simply looking up the word on English wikipedia and clicking the Esperanto translation of it 🙂 Works for the vast majority of physical objects, events etc.

  5. inga.johansson:

    Benny is quite right, Vikipedia is very good in any
    Other dictionaries are


  6. inga.johansson:

    Pardon, I misspelled Wikipedia or Vikipedio,
    concerning the language used, English or Esperanto.