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Jokes in Esperanto, Part II Posted by on Apr 30, 2009 in Esperanto Language

VIR-UNU: Kiom da tempo vi estis lernanto Esperanton?

VIR-DU: Nu, mi estis lernanto pri kvar monatoj.

VIR-UNU: Vere! Kiom librojn de poezio vi skribis?

Roughly translated…

MAN ONE: How long have you been learning Esperanto?

MAN TWO: Well, I’ve been learning for four months.

MAN ONE: Really! How many books of poetry have you written?

(It seems, in the Esperanto community, that the first thing most students of Esperanto do upon learning enough of the language is to write a poetry book. You can find a LOT of Esperanto poetry on the Internet!)

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  1. Sarah:

    Can you give any examples of websites where this Esperanto poetry can be found?

  2. Lex:

    Finding Esperanto poetry usually requires trawling through Esperanto databases. A great place to find primary-source Esperanto texts is – Esperanto’s version of Wikipedia. You can find links to older poets’ works through the “external links” at the bottom of their articles. For example, William Auld’s poetry at the bottom of

    For the most part, I think the joke pokes fun at a literary nadir in Esperanto’s history following its invention. From what I hear, a lot of…shall we say “uninspired?”…poets decided to try their hand at poetry in the new language. They’re now no more than footnotes in Esperanto’s history.