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Some Esperanto Puns Posted by on Apr 2, 2009 in Esperanto Language

You know you demonstrate mastery of a language when you can successfully make puns for it! One wit, upon observing the number of marriages that result from international meetings between Esperantists, decided to call the language “edz-peranto…” meaning “marriage broker!”

A book exists called “Plena Gramatiko de Esperanto,” by two grammarians who sought to fully explain Zamenhof’s initial grammar. La Plena Gramatiko estas pli granda, so the clever punster Raymond Schwartz took to calling it “La Kilogramatiko!

The Esperanto word “ache” means “terribly.” For English speakers, this proves rather amusing when someone mentions how badly their head is hurting them…”Mia kapo dolorigas ache!”

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