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Top 100 Language Learning Blogs Nomination Posted by on Jul 18, 2009 in Esperanto Language

According to LexioPhiles, this particular blog has been nominated as a contender for one of the top 100 language learning blogs! You can see the voting form here. I’m thoroughly pleased…if stunned…to see the blog among so many other noteworthy candidates! Whoever nominated Transparent’s Esperanto blog, I thank you profusely!

Moreover, I’d like to thank all the readers out there who make this a worthwhile blog. The best part about learning Esperanto is becoming part of the great global community that speaks it. Courtesy of this blog, I’ve had the chance to experience it firsthand. All of your comments elevate this blog beyond what it could ever hope to be with only me at the helm.

If any of you think that the Transparent Esperanto blog is worth its salt, consider giving it a vote at LexioPhile’s contest. Gxis!

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  1. Gunnar Gällmo:


    Mi preferus “Ĝis”.

    Persone, mi preferas uzi la x-sistemon nur en kontakto kun jamaj esperantistoj, kiuj espereble scias pri kio temas. Ĉar via blogo estas anglalingva, preferinde vi uzu Konvertilon –

    por ke viaj esperantaj citaĵoj havu la ĝustajn diakritojn; x ja estas parto de la angla alfabeto, kvankam ne de la esperanta.

  2. Benny the Irish polyglot:

    Hello from IJK, with 400 Esperanto speakers in Liberec’, Czech Republic!! 🙂
    I actually found your blog from that top 100 language learning list (my site was nominated in the same category, and I’ve just written about Esperanto for example).
    Keep up the good work! 😀

  3. Lex:

    Dankon! I appreciate your kind words. Apparently, this blog is doing something correctly, with 50 readers and climbing since its launch.