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How to say thanks in Persian-Farsi Posted by on Nov 27, 2017 in Vocabulary

If you can only learn one thing in a foreign language, it should be how to say thanks.

These are some ways that Persians or Iranian people say “thank you” in Farsi.

  • متشکرم /moteshakeram/ I am thankful.
  • مرسی /merci/ Thanks
  • سپاس /sepaas/ Thanks
  • ممنون /mamnoon/ Thanks

There are a few other ways that are fun to learn too, as they are more colloquial and idiomatic!

  • دست شما درد نکنه /daste shoma dard nakoneh/ (literally: May your hands are not in pain!) or “Thanks to your hands for doing this for me!”

In response to these, one could say:

  • خواهش می کنم /khaahesh mikonam/ You’re welcome!
  • قابلی نداره /ghaabeli nadaareh/ Don’t mention it!

In the case of the hands idiom, you would respond with:

  • سر شما درد نکنه /sare shoma dard nakoneh/ (literally: May your head is not in pain!) or You’re welcome!

So, سپاس for reading my post and I hope you use some of these thankful expressions in your daily conversations in Persian-Farsi!



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  1. Saeedeh:

    قابلی نداره is used in occasions when you give someone a gift, or when someone hands you something that belongs to you.
    it is important to explain Ta’arof before anything else, because it is one the important part of our culture and language.