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What is your plan for the weekend? Posted by on Apr 20, 2021 in Culture, Grammar, Language, Uncategorized, Vocabulary

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Are you ready to find out how Iranians say, “What is your plan?”

In Persian, this phrase is used casually among people in their day-to-day life, and it translates as barnameh at chi-yeh?, برنامه ات چیه؟”.

The formal version of the phrase “What is your plan?” is: barnameh at chist?, برنامه ات چیست؟

What is going on grammatically here? chi چی  is the question word for what. When چی is combined with the “to be” verb for the third person and says, “It is”, the two words blend in together; چی + است  and make چیست.

برنامه translates in English as “plan” or “schedule” and takes the construct possessive case and becomes برنامه ات. or “your plan.”

Now, just like in English, there are a zillion ways of answering this question. However, when speaking to coworkers, strangers, and acquaintances, Iranians often respond in a more general manner, like “I am busy mashghool-am مشغولم , “Not much” hichi هیچی.

“As usual”, mesl-e hamisheh, مثل همیشه or “I don’t have any plans” barnameh iy nadaram  برنامه ای ندارم. ,and echo the question back. Well, I agree with you, these phrases are not the height of originality.

Let’s be a bit more specific by adding an adverb of time to your question, like “What is your plan this weekend?” ,akhar-e hafteh barnameh at chist, آخر هفته برنامه ات چیست؟. That is right! You can add the adverb of time at the beginning of your question. “What is your plan tomorrow?”,farda barnameh at chist فردا برنامه ات چیست؟.

What if you are talking to people who know you and they want to know more about you and your plans? It is a wide-open question and leaves you free to respond with anything you think is important enough to share with them, and that depends on who they are to you. You may say, “I’m going out with my friends,” ba doostanam birun mi ravam, با دوستانم بیرون می روم or “I’ll watch a movie with my family, “ba khanevadeh-am film mi binam. با خانواده ام فیلم می بینم .

Or you can provide a more detailed answer such as “I want to go to my friend’s house” mi khaha, be khaneh-ye doostam beravam, می خواهم به خانه  دوستم بروم , “We want to watch a soccer match,” Mi khahim bazi-e football ra tamasha konim ما می خواهیم بازی فوتبال  را تماشا کنیم. ” Then, we’ll have some chelow kabab.”Ba’ad, chelow kabab mikhorim . بعد، چلوکباب می خوریم

Many Iranians like to watch soccer; in fact, soccer is the most popular sport in Iran!

What is your plan for the weekend? Please share and comment below.










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