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World Capitals – Part 2 Posted by on Dec 9, 2010

* Quelques capitales du monde (Some World capitals): – Libreville est la capitale du Gabon – Lima est la capitale du Pérou – Lisbonne est la capitale du Portugal – Ljubljana est la capitale de la Slovénie – Lomé est la capitale du Togo – Londres est la capitale du Royaume-Uni – Luanda est la capitale de l’Angola – Madrid est la capitale de l’Espagne…

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Capitales du monde (World Capitals)—(Part1) Posted by on Dec 7, 2010

Cette fois-ci, nous allons faire un peu de géographie! (This time, we’ll do some geography!) Quelle est la capitale de ton pays?(What is the capital of your country?) Connais-tu le nom des capitales des autres pays? (Do you know the name of the capitals of the other countries?) If you’d like, we’ll go through some…

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French Vocab for the Whole Family Posted by on Dec 6, 2010

Today, get ready to “familiarize” yourself with a lot of “famille“-related French vocabulary! Un or une ancêtre: Ancestor. You can also say aïeul (forebear.) La mère (the mother), or more informally “la maman.” Le père (the father), or the informal “le papa.” Le grand-père (the grandfather), who be called informally “papi” La grand-mère (the grandmmother)…

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La Chanson d’Astérix! (The Song of Asterix!) Posted by on Dec 4, 2010

It’s finally the weekend, par Toutatis !And today’s DMCV is presented to you by Astérix le Gaulois, who will teach you a very special leçon d’histoire (History lesson.) À vrai dire (to tell the truth), as “les férus de l’histoire” (“the history buffs”) amongst youknow only too well, this lesson is not always historiquement juste(historically accurate)! For example,as a Gaulois, Astérix…

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Un tour de bicyclette (A Bicycle Tour) Posted by on Dec 2, 2010

It’s no secret, French people are just enamored with their bicylettes in general, perhaps only behind les hollandais (Dutch people) in Europe in that respect! First of all, whether you hear someone say in French bicyclette or vélo, don’t get confused: These two words mean the same thing. It’s like you would say in English…

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