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Surfing the French Radio Waves Part 1 Posted by on Jan 19, 2011

Vous allez en prendre plein les oreilles ! (You’ll have an earful!) Comme toujours (As always) the French Blog never shies away from providing you with original and sure-to-work tips in order to learn and improve your own level of français ! One of those suggested tips describe in detail how to “Meet your French…

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Le Prix Lumière—Or The French equivalent of the Golden Globes Posted by on Jan 18, 2011

Place au cinéma français aujourd’hui (Today, it’s time to talk about French Film)! Qui ne connait pas de nos jours les Oscars et les Golden Globes (Who doesn’t nowadays know the Oscars and the Golden Globes)… In France, the equivalent of these two awards of le septième art (“Seventh Art”, referring to Film, according to the Hegelian ranking…

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Roméo et Juliette – Part Deux Posted by on Jan 12, 2011

Vous qui croyez avoir tout vu You, who think have seen it all Vous qui avez voyagé, qui avez lu You , who traveled, who have read Que plus rien jamais n’étonne Who nothing surprises you anymore Bienvenue à Vérone Welcome to Verona Vous qui trouvez que l’homme est bon You’ll find that man is…

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“Aimer…” (To Love): “Roméo et Juliette” (1ère Partie) Posted by on Jan 12, 2011

When it comes to l’œuvre anglaise (the English work) of Shakespeare, Roméo et Juliette, some can be truly astonished to find out that the French stood in the front lines of les compositeurs de musique(music composers) who offered personalized adaptations, which very often earned immense success within the French borders and, at times, even beyond. On top of these…

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Le Roi Soleil: “Être à la hauteur” (“To measure up”) Posted by on Jan 9, 2011

You have already discovered in the French Blog several “episodes” that make up l’histoire de France(the History of France), especially the history of the XVII siècle (the 17th century, of course!) Today, we’ll evoke the “central figure” of that century for France, namely Le Roi Soleil(the Sun King), but not from une perspective historique, but rather…

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Victor Hugo: “On vit, on parle” (We live, we talk) Posted by on Jan 8, 2011

VICTOR HUGO: ON VIT, ON PARLE (WE LIVE, WE TALK) On vit, on parle, on a le ciel et les nuages We live, we talk, we have the sky and the clouds Sur la tête ; on se plaît aux livres des vieux sages ; On the head; we enjoy the books of the old…

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How to meet your French partenaire de conversation Posted by on Jan 5, 2011

All of you students who think that your French teacher doesn’t allow you to have enough time to practice your conversational French, will love this idea! You can use Skype not only to speak and get in touch with your friends or relatives, but also to meet des partenaires de conversations (conversational partners)! * *…

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