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All of you students who think that your French teacher doesn’t allow you to have enough time to practice your conversational French, will love this idea! You can use Skype not only to speak and get in touch with your friends or relatives, but also to meet des partenaires de conversations (conversational partners)!

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In yesterday’s article, “What are your “Résolutions de l’année 2011″?“, I mentioned a few good ideas to help you choose some decisive, life-changing résolutions in order to kickstartla nouvelle année (the new year) comme il se doit (as it should be)!

One of these résolutions , of course -this is the French Blog, what else ought we advise you to do-, is améliorer le niveau de votre Français (Improve the level of your French)!

Besides the tips that I gave you, I also told you how to meet un or une partenaire de conversation (a conversational partner.)

For that, you only need to have a Skype account.

If you don’t, il ne faut pas paniquer (you shouldn’t panic): Opening a Skype account is easy and gratuit (free.)

Using la webcam, however, is totally up to you!

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* Le concept du “partenaire de conversation” (the concept of the conversational partner):

L’idée est très simple (The idea is very simple): If you are learning French as a second language, and your langue maternelle (mother tongue) is, for example, l’allemand (German), le russe(russian), l’espagnol (Spanish), l’arabe (Arabic),  le chinois (Chinese), etc., then all you need to do is find a native French speaker, or at least someone with a French level that is advanced enough, who would be interested in learning or improving his or her level of the language that you speak as your first language. That way, both of you can benefit from the conversational experience!

* * *

* Comment ça marche? (How does it work?)

Here’s an example of how it can work:Imagine that there three native French speakers, say, Julie, Sébastien, and Samir.
– Julie wants to improve her conversational skills in Chinese.
Sébastien wants to improve his conversational skills in Russian.
Samir wants to improve his conversational skills in Spanish.On the other hand, we have three people, Cheng from China, Alena from Russia, and Anna from Spain, and all of them wish to improve their conversational levels in French.
Alors, rien n’est plus simple (Nothing is simpler than that)!
It’s enough for Julie to exchange her Skype contact with Cheng, Sébastien with Alena, and Samir with Anna.
They could all agree about un rendez-vous en ligne (an online appointment), for example une fois par semaine (once a week), which of course would have to accommodate the emploi du temps (time schedule) of both.
The Skype rendez-vous could  last any time you both wish.
For example, Julie and Cheng can agree to speak the first half-hour in French, then in Chinese for the second half.
* * *
* Et on parle de quoi avec nos partenaires de conversation? (And what do we talk about with our conversational partners?)
You definitely don’t have to talk about academic stuff!
The advantage of a partenaire de conversation en ligne (an online conversational partner) is that you’re not in a classroom. Your topics can be le sport, la politique, le cinéma, la musique, or whatever you like.All of you students who think that your French teacher doesn’t allow you to have enough time to practice your conversational French will love this idea!
* * *
Now la question cruciale (the crucial question is), “where do I find my potential partenaire de conversation“?
It’s also simple! Just go to our Facebook page:
(Be sure to click on “Like” to be able to see its content!)
And on the comments of this post, write the following:”Bonjour, je m’appelle (Igor, for example), je suis de russie. Je souhaite trouver un ou une partenaire de conversation sur Skype. Envoyez-moi un message sur Facebook. Vous pouvez améliorer le niveau de votre (russe), et moi, mon niveau de français avec vous!
Meaning:”Hello, my name is (Igor, for example), I am from Russia. I wish to find a conversational partner on Skype. Send me a Facebook message. You can improve your (Russian) level with me, and me, my French level with you!”
Bonne chance à tous ! (Good luck to you all!)
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  1. Shrikrishna:

    good idea!

  2. mariam:

    je m’appelle mariam je suis egyptienne je parle francais mais je voudrais ameliores ma langue avec une fille francaise. merci pour vous

  3. Kaliya:

    i really love this idea, i want to improve my spanish and french!

  4. Guillermina:

    Great Idea!! I’m from Argentina. Already post a message on facebook. I’ll tell you later how it works 🙂

  5. Alex:

    Great idea. You can also get personalised french tuitions with a real teacher via skype on to complement this learning process.

  6. Jamal:

    Hi my name is Jamal. I speak perfect english amd arabic. I speak french well but i’m looking to iprove it. If anyone knows french and is interested in chatting, please let me know.