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À chacun son rêve (To Each Their Own Dream) Posted by on Aug 31, 2013

Vous souvenez-vous des amis que vous avez eus ? (Do you remember the friends you had?) Question: Vous souvenez-vous de ceux que vous avez perdus ? (Question: Do you remember the ones you lost?) Dites-leur que: Chacun sa route (Tell them that: To each their own road), chacun son chemin (to each their own path), chacun son rêve (to each…

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Les bâtisseurs de France (The Builders of France) Posted by on Aug 25, 2013

Today’s song is called “les Bâtisseurs de France” (the Builders of France.) It is performed by a young singer who in many ways can be seen as a “French Johnny Cash.” Look at it as un hommage to the workers from all over the world who contributed to building the edifice of the French nation, since quite…

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