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La Rentrée – Back to School Posted by on Aug 27, 2020

Salut mes potes! Hi my friends! All around the world is la rentrée, the ‘return’ or the beginning of the school year, for les élèves, les collégiens, les lycéens, et les étudiants. Les enseignants, les professeurs, les instituteurs, et les maîtres are all diligently preparing, especially since this year will look so different. Why did I…

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French Culture – The Little Prince Posted by on Aug 25, 2020

I realized recently that, while we’ve often evoked it, no one here at the Transparent Language French Blog has ever really talked about Le Petit Prince … perhaps one of the most famous (or if not, at least well-loved) books ever written in French. Je ne veux plus être raisonnable … Often taught in high…

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French Vocabulary – On the farm Posted by on Aug 18, 2020

Once upon a time you could find many little family farms in towns and villages across many parts of le province. Many of these owned by families who, while not farmers, kept animals. The  animals, popularly known as les animaux de la basse-cour (the animals of the lower court), provided des œufs, du lait, et…

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French Vocabulary – Au Camping Posted by on Aug 13, 2020

Au camping en français – Camping in French One favorite French passe-temps (pastime) is camping alongside the beautiful French campagne (country side). Here are some popular places to camp in France, as well as some camping vocabulary below! Le Ranolien, Brittany  On the northwestern coast of France the Le Ranolien campsite in Brittany is found near Perros Guirec, a seaside resort that…

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French Culture – Summer Music Posted by on Aug 11, 2020

August is traditionally vacation time in France et qui dit vacances d’été dit chanson d’été (and summer vacation means summer songs) ! This retro hit from the French group Niagara is the perfect way to embrace your beach love if you can’t get there in person. L’amour à la plage Niagara was part of the soundtrack of…

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French Vocabulary – For the birds Posted by on Aug 4, 2020

This week’s post is brought to you in part by my trip this weekend to la plage (the beach). In these times of social distancing a trip to the beach seemed like a relatively safe bet what with all the fresh air, sun, and space. As I relaxed sur la sable (on the sand) I…

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