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French Culture – Curfew Part 2 Posted by on Oct 27, 2020

If you’re like me, you probably have at least a little Covid fatigue. I was hoping to move on this week and turn back to non-Covid issues, but as France continues to deal with the pandemic, it felt import to spend one more week on the latest updates. La semaine prochaine I promise something else!…

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Victor Hugo – Demain Dès L’aube Posted by on Oct 23, 2020

Coucou!  Victor Hugo. Discutablement, arguably, the most famous French writer of all time. He wrote Les Misérables, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, and many poetry collections. Today we will be looking at one of his most famous poems from the collection Les Contemplations (Contemplations). It is called Demain Dès L’aube (Tomorrow at Dawn). The French version and the English…

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French Culture – Curfew Posted by on Oct 20, 2020

France, like many parts of the world, is seeing a resurgence of cases of Covid-19 as the cooler weather of l’automne (autumn) settles in. In an attempt to get things back under control and to avoid another confinement, the French government has instituted un couvre-feu in many cities around the country. Couvre-feu Le couvre-feu (lit…

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French Vocabulary – Tickets in the drawer Posted by on Oct 13, 2020

I have been incredibly lucky throughout my life to travel. From my first year abroad to business trips and vacations in over 30 countries, I’ve been fortunate to see the world. But now … like so many … I’m stuck at home! Et pour comble … But to add insult to injury, pour la première…

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Passé Simple – French Simple Past Posted by on Oct 9, 2020

Bonjour!  A couple weeks ago I shared with you un conte de fée: Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, Little Red Riding Hood. I am sure it was easy enough to understand since the story is already widely known, but you may have noticed something odd while reading. Throughout the story you would have seen a different kind of…

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French Culture – Fake News Posted by on Oct 6, 2020

While the term “fake news” might feel new, the concept isn’t. Rumors, hear-say, propaganda, and manipulations are as old as language itself. And in today’s hyper-connected world, these concepts can seem more pressing than ever. What will people say? In today’s hyper-connected information world, a Tweet can ruin your life … even if you didn’t…

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