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French Vocabulary – Tickets in the drawer Posted by on Oct 13, 2020 in Culture, Music, Vocabulary

I have been incredibly lucky throughout my life to travel. From my first year abroad to business trips and vacations in over 30 countries, I’ve been fortunate to see the world. But now … like so many … I’m stuck at home!

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Et pour comble …

But to add insult to injury1Other ways to say add insult to injury include pire encore (lit. worse still), et si c’était pas suffisant (lit. and if that wasn’t enough), or par dessus le marché  (lit. on top of the deal)., pour la première fois depuis l’âge de 16 ans je n’ai pas de passeport valide (for the first time since I was 16, I don’t have a valid passport).

I suppose it doesn’t matter much, because even if I wanted to, I can’t go anywhere right now and as a result I find myself these days very much en manque de voyage (missing travel).

Que ce soit par voiture, en train, ou en avion, j’aime voyager (Whether by car, train, or plane, I love to travel). And like mon amie Kyle says, One should always have tickets in the drawer.2Is my friend Kyle un homme or une femme? Can you tell? La réponse à la fin!

Que faire? (What to do?) Well, like the French singer Suzane, all we can do is take to our ordi(nateurs)s and travel virtually.

Quand j’ai besoin d’prendre l’air, j’vais sur Aibnb When I need to get away (lit. to take some air), I go to Airbnb
Je regarde la mer sur un écran d’ordi I look at the ocean on a computer screen
Je cherche une maison ultra-cozy And look for an ultra-cozy house
Au bord de la plage en Andalousie At the shore in Andalusia (lit. on the edge of the beach)
J’ai jamais vu le paradis I’ve never seen paradise
Ryanair le propose à petits prix Ryanair3low-cost European airline offers it at low price
Je jalouse mes potes quand j’vois leur Story My friends make me envious when I see their (Instagram) Story
Ils sont posés en Grèce ils mangent du Tsatséki They’re posing in Greece and they’re eating tzatziki
Un jour j’irai en première classe One day I’ll take first class
Aux quatre coins du globe j’irai boire la tasse To the ends of the earth (lit. to the four corners of the world) to swim in the sea (lit. to drink the cup)
En attendant j’voyage sur Google Maps Until then (lit. while waiting) I’ll travel through Google Maps
En un clic j’suis aux Bahamas In one click I’m in the Bahamas
Un jour j’irai de Tokyo à Capri One day I’ll go from Tokyo to Capri
Faire du yoga à Bali Do yoga in Bali
Voir Marie-Jeanne en Californie See Mary-Jane in California
Un jour j’irai de Cuba à Cali One day I’ll go form Cuba to Cali
Louer un Fiat en Italie Rent a Fiat in Italy
Voir des girafes en Namibie See the giraffes in Namibia
Coucher d’soleil, no filter Sunset, no filter
Les blogos voyage ont pris de couleurs The traveling internauts got some color
C’est l’heure où plus personne (link to post) ne regarde l’heure It’s the time when no one looks at the time
Même les réacs ont lâché Twitter Even the reactionaries on Twitter have dropped it
Y’a des pubs idylliques à gogo There are idyllic pubs everywhere
Couples amoureux teint hâlé noix d’coco Loving couples healthy cocoa butter tans
L’influenceur version abdo-maillot The fit and sexy influencer kinds (lit. abs and bathing suit kind)
Se promène sur la plage pendant qu’suis dans l’métro Walk on the beach while I’m in the subway
Refrain Chorus
J’irai parler en VO I will go speak in VO (link to post?)
Dans toutes les langues dire “Hello” Say « hello » in every language
Chercher l’Eldorado Look for El Dorado
De Tulum à Bamako From Tulum to Bamako
J’voudrais partir en solo I’d like to leave alone (compare ‘I’d’ and ‘I would’ to ‘je voudrais’ and ‘j’voudrais’?)
De Buenos Aires à Rio From Buenos Aires to Rio
Jet lag4Décalage horaire en français. dans la peau Jet lag in my bones (lit. in the skin)
De Katmandou à Oslo From Katmandu to Oslo
[et ainsi jusqu’à la fin … ] [and so on until the end … ]

La réponse à la fin!

Answer at the end: Kyle is a woman. If Kyle were a man I would have said mon ami Kyle (without the ‘e’ on ‘ami’). While we usually use ‘ma’ for ‘my’ with female nouns, because ‘amie’ stars with a vowel, we need to use ‘mon’.

Early in 2019 John shared another travel song. If you like that song, you can hear a modern dance version from the Belgian singer Kate Ryan here … or a reimagined version featuring the original artist and another Belgian artist, Leopold Nord, here.
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  • 1
    Other ways to say add insult to injury include pire encore (lit. worse still), et si c’était pas suffisant (lit. and if that wasn’t enough), or par dessus le marché  (lit. on top of the deal).
  • 2
    Is my friend Kyle un homme or une femme? Can you tell? La réponse à la fin!
  • 3
    low-cost European airline
  • 4
    Décalage horaire en français.
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