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French Wordle game: SUTOM Posted by on Jan 27, 2022

Coucou!  You may have already heard the hype around the new addictive word game called Wordle. This simple daily game challenges you to guess a word in six tries, and it lets you know if a letter is in the word or not, and whether it is in the right place. The word is always…

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Dreaming Posted by on Jan 25, 2022

No one quite knows what they are or why we have them, but they say you’ve really started to learn a new language when your dreams are in that language. While it doesn’t answer any deep questions about the nature of dreams, a recent IFOP survey does give us some insights into the question “à…

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So cold it’s hot Posted by on Jan 18, 2022

January is doing what January does. Days may be getting longer, but the holidays are behind us, le ciel est gris, et il fait froid. For those of you, like me, who are tired of the cold and grey, here’s a fun little virtual escape in the form of a song from. Ça caille ……

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Stromae est de retour Posted by on Jan 14, 2022

⚠ Warning: The song shared below talks about struggles with mental illness and suicide ideation and may be upsetting to some.  Stromae vient de dévoiler son nouveau single “L’enfer” – Stromae has just unveiled his new single “Hell”. Il est de retour – he is back! It’s a somber song, and perhaps a sentiment a…

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A love letter to France Posted by on Jan 11, 2022

The French, in my experience, uniquely love language and eloquence. A new(ish) television show – and an addition to the infamous bac! – highlight this. Le Grand Oral Airing for the first time in 2019, Le Grand Oral is a program on France2 “[qui] met en scène douze candidats [dans] un grand concours d’éloquence”.  “Lors de…

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Macron in charge Posted by on Jan 4, 2022

Today is le mardi 4 janvier, and as it does every year, January marks the beginning of a new year. Bienvenue à 2022! January this year also marks the start of a new 6 month term for France as the head of the Conseil de l’Union européenne making Emmanuel Macron responsible for the group while…

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