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Allons faire du camping en France (Let’s go camping in France)! Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 in Vocabulary

If you are discovering France for the first time, it seems only logique (logical) to start with la capitale, Paris, and discover le Louvre, les ChampsÉlysées, and la Tour Eiffel.

But after doing all the “touristy stuff”, what else can you do?

You may perhaps opt for what many French people do every year: Aller faire du camping (Going camping)!

* * *

Camping isn’t always “un jeu d’enfant” (or a “breeze”, in English), but Caillou, the 4-year-old Canadian animated star, veut faire du camping (wants to go camping)!

Take for example the camping sites of la Côte d’Azur, the region that offers a unique coast along la Mer Méditerranée (the Mediterranean Sea.)

The paysage (landscape) is absolutely fantastique: From the famous Saint-Tropez and Cannes, to the less known gems such as CassisSèteCollioure, and Hyères, where you can admire the beauty of les calanques (inlets), known around the world as the “Mediterranean fjords.”

* * *

Even though you don’t really need to speak an impeccable French for that, here is for you -courtesy of the Transparent French Blog– a set of words and phrases that will help you enjoy a very pleasant camping experience in France.


* * *

– Avez-vous des installations pour préparer à manger?

    (Do you have any cooking accommodations?)

Est-ce qu’il y a des prises de courant?

    (Are there any power plugs?)

Est-ce qu’il y a de l’eau potable?

    (Is there drinking water?)

Où sont les douches?

    (Where are the showers?)

Organisez-vous des fêtes foraines?

    (Do you organize country fairs?)

Nous préférons avoir du soleil

    (We prefer to have the sun)

Nous préférons être à l’ombre

    (We prefer to be in the shade)

Est-ce qu’il y a des ours dans les bois?

    (Are there bears in the woods?)—Attention! 🙂
    * * *

– Un canif

    (a pocket knife)

– Un couteau suisse

    (a Swiss army knife)

Un sac de couchage

    (a sleeping bag)

Un hamac

    (a hammock)

Un lit de camp

    (a camp bed)

Une tente

    (a tent)

Un matelas gonflable

    (an air mattress)

– Un karrimat

    (a sleeping pad)

Un sac à dos

    (a backpack)

Une lampe de poche

    (a flashlight)

Le charbon


Les “sardines”

    (meaning tent pegs)

La trousse de secours

    (the first aid kit)
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