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“Avez-vous déjà vu…?” (“Have you already seen…?”) Posted by on May 21, 2010 in Culture

Today, we have a special DMCV (which stands for “Dieux Merci C’est Vendredi”, if you still don’t know it yet), and I wonder if you have already seen it?

Avez vous déjà vu … Cendrillon qui prend l’avion?

I mean: Avez-vous déjà vu… Avez-vous déjà vu? (Have you already seen… “Have you already seen”?)

Hold on a second. Did I confuse you, un petit peu ?

Well, je vous explique (I explain to you), by “Avez-vous déjà vu“, I actually mean the title itself of the French animated show of 45 seconds produced by the comédien Alain Chabat. If you have watched French TV I mean: Avez-vous déjà vu la télévision française ?- you would know him from the CANAL+ tv channel shows, like “Les Nuls“, or from movies such as “La Cité de la Peur, which is mainly a “au second degré” (tongue-in-cheek) spoof of the big Hollywood blockbusters of that time.  He also played the role of “Jules César” (or Julius Cesar) in the big 2002 hit “Astérix et Obélix : Mission Cléopâtre“, which we mentioned in the previous post (about “Les Visiteurs.”) Finally, he is known for lending his “polymorphic voice” (yes, yet another one of those) to dub a few characters into French, especially Shrek!

In the episode above, “Avez vous déjà vu … Cendrillon qui prend l’avion ?” (“Have you already seen… Cinderella taking a plane?”), Cinderella, in “princess mode” we may say, is acting all impertinente, all sassy, flying 1ère classe (1st class) and yet not too happy about the airline service… Very hard to please the demoiselle, en effet (indeed)… “Ho ho! Alors vraiment, pour un service en première classe, c’est un peu minable !” (“Hon hon hon! [typical French interjection, you say?]  For a first-class service, it’s pretty pathetic!) And then, all of a sudden, comes the announcement that le fuseau horaire (the time zone) is switching to a new one, and therefore everyone must change their watches tominuit (midnight)! Quelle catastrophe !
Of course, the “poor” (and I mean, the now literally poor) Cinderella has barely enough time to be kicked out of la première classe, before she could explain to le steward that even the pilote -and in fact the whole plane!- are… well… you know!

 À part cela (other than that), avez-vous déjà vu un poisson à gage ? (Have you already seen a “hired (fish) killer”?)

You’ll see, it’s actually not that “fishy”

Regardons-le en action (Let’s see him in action)

Avez-vous déjà vu… un poisson à gage ?

The poor “FIBs” serving as bodyguards (as in MIB. From FIB -not FBI- meaning “fish-in-black”…) have barely enough time to warn monsieur le président about that one suspicious ver de terre (earthwarm.)

Une chose est assez claire (one thing is pretty clear), Mister the (fish) President doesn’t seem to be particularly intelligent… Well, that’s most likely another, shall we say, “déjà vu“, n’est-ce pas ?

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