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Back To Le Futur in Version Française Posted by on Oct 28, 2015 in Culture

Last week was le jour (the day) that Marty McFly went into the future, but with le voyage dans le temps (time-travel), being off by a week doesn’t matter too much. There’s still plenty of time to watch the movie in French!

The title of the film is une traduction littérale (a literal translation):

Retour vers lé futur

Le film (the movie) is just as iconic in France as it is in the US. All the talk about le film reminded me of one of the best ways to practice French.

Rather than watching les films en VO (movies in their original langauge, Version Originale), find les films en VF (movies dubbed in French, Version Française)! It’s bizarre watching un film en VF, because the lips don’t exaclty match the dialogue, but it’s easier to follow the story if you’re already familar with it and, more importantly, already know you like it.

Par exemple (for example), I watch The Big Bang Theory en VF for hours to have a relaxing way to practice French when I’m too tired to sit down and study textbooks with all their grammar and vocabulary.

Even if you don’t like les films en VF, it’s worth trying to give yourself a new way to practice and a new way to appreciate your films préférés (favorite movies)!

To return to Retour vers le futur, Here’s la bande annonce du film (the trailer for the movie):


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