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Basic French: Les Aventures of Monsieur Guy Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in Grammar

Salut! Comment ça va?

The Imagiers channel on Youtube has a very cool series of basic French videos called Les Aventures de Monsieur Guy. They are short videos (3-4 min) in basic French about Mr. Guy’s adventures. Check out the first two videos with the script and translation then click on the link to watch the other episodes. Enjoy!

If you’re reading this post in your e-mail, click here to watch the video.

Je vous présente Monsieur Guy. [Let me introduce Mr. Guy]
Monsieur Guy est français. [Mr. Guy is French.]
Il est marié. [He’s married.]
Monsieur Guy a deux enfants. [Mr. Guy has two kids.]
Il a aussi un chien et un chat. [He also has a dog and a cat.]
Monsieur Guy aime la musique. [Mr. Guy loves music.]
Il aime chanter. [He loves to sing.]
Monsieur Guy adore voyager. [Mr. Guy loves to travel.]
Il adore discuter et boire un café. [He loves to talk and have a coffee.]
Monsieur Guy habite en France. [Monsieur Guy lives in France.]
Il a une belle maison. [He has a beautiful house.]
Monsieur Guy a 42 ans. [Mr. Guy is 42 years old.]
Il est sportif. [He is athletic.]
Il est joyeux. [He is cheerful!]
Il est intelligent. [He is intelligent.]
Il est fort. [He is strong.]
Il est travailleur. [He is hard-working.]
Il est optimiste. [He is optimistic.]
À bientôt, Monsieur Guy. [See you soon, Mr. Guy.]

Les Aventures de Monsieur Guy #2

Les Aventures de Monsieur Guy #3

Les Aventures de Monsieur Guy #4

Les Aventures de Monsieur Guy #5

Les Aventures de Monsieur Guy #6

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