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Comme vs. Comment in French Posted by on Jul 16, 2012 in Grammar

Comme and comment are two similar words but are used differently. Let’s learn today how to use one or the other.


1. Comme is used as a conjunction with the meaning of “as” and “since”.

Le téléphone a sonné juste comme j’entrais dans mon appartement. [The phone was ringing as I was entering my apartment.]
Comme elle n’est pas là, je vais le faire. [Since she’s not here, I’m going to do it.]
Comme la voiture est en panne, il faut aller à pied. [As the car is broken, we have to go on foot.]

2. Comme also expresses comparison, “like”, “the same as”, “the way that”.

Je pense comme vous. [I think like you.]
Rapide comme l’éclair. [As fast as a lightning]
Raide comme la justice. [As strict as justice]
Tout s’est passé comme je l’avait prédit. [Everything happened as I had expected.]

3. Comme is used as an exclamative adverb or to express a certain quality.

Comme elle est belle! [How beautiful she is!]
Comme il fait chaud! [It is so hot!]
Comme il a changé! [He has changed so much!]

Il était comme fou. [He was acting crazy.]
Il est comme désorienté. [He seems confused.]


Comment means “how”.

Comment écrit-on votre nom? [How do you spell your name?]
Je me demande comment tu as pu faire. [I wonder how you did it.]
Comment partiras-tu, en voiture ou par le train? [How will you leave, by car or by train?]
Comment n’avez-vous pas compris que je plaisantais? [How could you not know I was joking?]

This is it for today! See you next time!

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