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Crossing the River Seine in Paris, France—On a HUGE Trampoline! Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Vocabulary

One of the most charming spectacles that Paris has to offer is walking by the Seine river, either while listening to an old Frenchman playing a beautiful tune on an accordéon, or simply enjoying the view of a bateau-mouche passing by near you.

But imagine if you decided one day to increase the fun factor one notch up, and instead of crossing the Parisian river through un pont (a bridge)—you would do it across a TRAMPOLINE!

The idea may sound pretty insane to you?

Maybe straight out of a dessin animé (cartoon) or a slapstick Hollywood comedy?

Well, that happens to be just the idée farfelue (harebrained idea) that the designers of this special bridge have recently been, well, “floating”, so to speak. According to them, this odd structure will be made up of three parts joined by a sort of walkways—walkways which are in fact nothing more than trampolines!

With a base consisting of tied floating buoys, this new urban feature will be known to the world as “le Saut de Seine” (“The Seine Jumping“), which is essentially one huge inflatable bridge, equipped with gigantic trampolines that allow you to defy gravity by literally “bouncing to the other side of the river.”


Just imagine for a second the unique “multidirectional” views you can have of la Tour Eiffel and other famous landmarks of Paris from such a bridge!

In the words of the designers, “The Saut de Seine allows every visitor a novel view of Paris from his or her own unique spatial position: upright and leaping, upside down and tumbling, gliding above like a circus performer.”

Another exciting feature of this bridge is its mobility: Although it is initially set to be near the Bir-Hakeim Bridge, it will still be possible to move it to other parts of Paris, and maybe even beyond!

But based on the pictures provided by the company operating the project (included above), one cannot help but wonder: What if the people who bounce a bit too high on the trampoline happen to fall into the river by accident?

And what if the trampoline is accidentally deflated?

Whatever the final project will look like, it seems that some serious mesures de securité (security measures) are in order, to ensure that this cutting-edge Parisian attraction is both sûre (safe) AND amusante (fun)!

For more on this topic, read: “Trampoline Bridge Across the Seine, Paris


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  1. Marie Barbance:

    Magnifique, Just Fantastic I wished it was there when my Husband Jean-Luc Barbance was there in 1997 – 1998 I would have spent most of what was left of our trip on this bridge ha ha ha ha ha Well Done Paris for thinking of a wonderful tourist attraction Just LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Marie From Australia

  2. Blancaramos:

    I want too go there OMG!

  3. Hugoramos:

    Me too

  4. Hugoramos123: