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French Youtube Stars: Norman Thavaud Posted by on Feb 25, 2015 in Culture

In the modern era of content creation there are many new names coming out of the Internet. A big platform for these new stars is Youtube with many people now creating leurs propres séries (their own shows) on the website.

En France many of these youtubeurs have strated breaking into the mainstream. One of the biggest being Norman Thavaud, a 27 year old comedian who started making short web videos on sa chaîne Youtube (his Youtube channel), Norman fait des videos (Norman makes videos), in 2010 and is now un nom connu (a househeld name).

Une vidéo typique de Norman (A typical Norman video) is a comical sketch with Norman speaking to the camera and then cutting to scenes acting out what he is talking about in a very comical way.

Norman has more than 5 million subscribers sur sa chaîne Youtube (on his Youtube channel) and has even picked up roles in television and film. Pushing the boundaries even farther he started doing live spectacles (shows) that have been wildly successful.

For a French learner, les vidéos de Norman sont une source merveilleuse (Norman’s videos are a wonderful source). They provide unique insights into la culture française (French culture) and provide examples of everyday French and everyday French humor. Some of it might be hard to follow, but petit à petit (slowly) you’ll be able to keep up and start laughing!

To start your journey through des videos de Norman (Norman’s videos) check out sa vidéo qui s’appelle (his video called) Les Bilingues (bilingual people), an amazing short with many jokes about French people who also speak English. Heureusement (luckily), la vidéo has English subtitles!

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