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I Gotta Feeling… that the French are Making Fun of David ‘Duck’ Guetta! Posted by on Oct 15, 2010 in Culture, Music, Vocabulary

It’s already la fin de semaine (the weekend), and you know what that means: Wherever you’ll be, you’ll most likely be bombarded by some really “catchy” David Guetta tunes, ragingly blasting on the radio, on TV, in a club, or if you’re real lucky, while you’re trying to do some shopping at the local mall, if not at the supermarket down the street.

David Guetta (his official puppet from the French favorite show “Les Guignols de l’Info”)

Et à ce propos (Speaking of which), you ever wondered how on God’s green earth David Guetta has actually “pulled it off”?

How he managed to be catapulted to his worldwide status of “grand musicien à succès” ?

To help you obtain a satisfying answer to this ultimately momentous question, the highly experienced investigative team of the popular French show Les Guignols de l’Info(“The News Puppets”) decided to offer you an exclusive and particularly insightful portrait of the biggest name in today’s French music scene:

[***Fast forward the video to 4:05***]

Translation from French: “An exclusive portrait of the biggest star of today’s French music: David Guetta. Within a few years, he’s turned into a world star! He sold more than 7 million albums. The French DJ ows his tremendous success to his unmatched talents of musician. His force? He knows how to play all kinds of instruments: Guitar… Piano… Bass… Trumpet… and even classical instruments, such as harp.
David Guetta: With one finger, he dominates the music world, and with that one finger, he can even sing [you see him dropping by the “Black Eyed Peas” apartment: “Hey guys, you wanna sing this?”]
David Guetta, with one finger he’s become the most famous French musician in the world—Now imagine if he knew how to use his other nine fingers?!”

If you look back at the history of music, you will unmistakingly notice a certain pattern of early childhood genius emerging:

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven initiated his compositions classiques at the rather impressive age of 12.
  • At the startling age of 6, le petit prodige de la musique (young music prodigee) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart had already composed his première sonate (first sonata.)
  • As for the “DJ National of France“, brace yourself: Once again, according to the well-informed sources of the French show “Les Guignols de l’Info”, he seems to have discovered his vocation musicale way earlier!

The once-mysterious “incubator” of David Guetta’s precocious génie créatif (creative genius) has, at last, been brought into broad light: It’s in fact none other than “Simon”, the ancestor of one of today’s generational (“Generation Y“) icons, a typical eye-opener, intellectual talent-builder, child intelligence enhancer; the brilliantly ingenious polychromatic push-a-button educational toy, the modern Prometheus of the music instruments known to us as “Guitar Hero”!

After making the acquaintance of les débuts sensationnels of David’s musical créations“, let us now fast-forward to present time. Some serious legal allegations against the French DJ have lately come to the surface. La nouvelle a eu l’effet d’un tremblement de terre dans le monde du showbiz (The news has fallen like an earthquake in the showbusiness world): David Guetta seems to be author of a blatant plagiat (plagiarism.)

How so?

When the news came out, many diehard fans remained sceptiques (skeptical.) Après tout (after all), these sorts of empreints musicaux (musical borrowings) are monnaie courante (“common currency”, very usual) in the world of music.

Unfortunately, any complacent doubt in favor of Guetta instantly vanishes after examining this one piece of damning evidence, exhibited by the prosecution during David Guetta’s trial:
“You’ve got to admit that it’s quite unsettling. The melody resemblance is rather striking!” 

       DJ Duffy Duck, another key prosecution témoin (witness) present at the trial, and a potential lead plaintiff against David Guetta in the case related to the plagiarizing of his own original hit album “Duck Me, I’m Famous.”
Duffy, who insists on calling the title “Je suis connu dans le monde entiers grâce au répertoire d’un canard“, or simply in English “I’m Famous thanks to a Duck”), was visibly outraged by the music piracy scandal (at one time in court yelling in Guetta’s face: “You’re deth’picable!”), and is now carefully contemplating a major “ducklass-action”, which is said to enjoy the 100% support of co-plaintiffs Donald Duck and Darkwing Duck, under the rallying cry (or rather “quack”, if you prefer) of “Angry ducks of the World: Unighte!”—Needless to say, the embattled DJ is having quite a hard time “ducking out” this affaire

Now that his plagiarism has become public knowledge, “I gotta feeling” that the hapless Monsieur Guetta, a.k.a. “le vilain petit canard(of “The Ugly Duckling” fame, in the English version), has no alternative but -if you don’t mind one last “ducking” pun in today’s “duck tour”- to turn into a “sitting lame-duck”

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