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Le Monde: L’Atelier Diktée Posted by on Apr 18, 2016 in Grammar

The French newspaper Le Monde has great resources for those who are trying to learn French. While Le Monde would certainly be useful for intermediate-advanced learners, it’s also a great way to learn not only about vocabulary, but about culture (including, of course, current events and politics!).

In fact, Le Monde has several sections dedicated to French students that could also be incredibly helpful for students who are learning French. One section, called Campus: Le Monde des étudiants, is for French students to perfect their language skills while at university and before entering the professional world. It is certainly not a language learning tool, but it is useful for testing your knowledge and even for learning a bit about the French education system.

In French education, much attention is given to a pedagogical tool called la dictée. La dictée just means “dictation” and is an exercise in which le professeur, or the teacher, talks and students must write down what he or she is saying. The teacher will then analyze what the students write, looking not only for accuracy to the text and, thus, oral comprehension, but also spelling and grammar.

In a somewhat facetious manner, Le Monde has named its section dedicated to French students “L’Atelier Diktée,” with an obvious spelling error. In this section you can find many quizzes and dictations to test your advanced-level French. For example, “Quiz : dix subtilités de la langue française” tests ten subtle errors in French that students can make. In this quiz, one of the first question asks the reader to fill in the following sentence:

“Moi qui […] si souvent du nénuphar, me voici en pétard.”

“I often spoke about the water lily, and here I am all angry.”

It’s a funny little rhyming sentence, designed to stick in students’ memories. The quiz also gives one indice, or clue, for quiz takers: “Indice – Pour une fois, le « moi, je » est parfait…” “Clue – For once, the “I, me” is perfect…”

Here are the responses you can choose:

Which one is correct? Write your answer to this dictée interactive in the comments below!

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  1. charles verrill:


  2. charles verrill:

    parlait, c’est vrai

  3. C. Lewis:

    Parlais , je pense

  4. David James:

    Je dirais “parlais”

  5. J:


  6. Elizabeth Schmermund:

    For all those who said “parlais”–you are correct! The subject of this verb is “moi,” which is equivalent to “je.” Thus, “je parlais” is the correct conjugation!