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Les parties internes du corps Posted by on Jan 29, 2021 in Language, Vocabulary

Salut tout le monde!

If you have studied French before, you probably know the basic body parts, la tête, les bras, les jambes, etc… but have you ever learned les parties internes du corps – the internal parts of the body? There are over 80!

Image by from Robina Weermeijer from unsplash, CCO.

le cerveau – brain

Le cerveau pense et interprète l’information.

The brain thinks and processes information.

le coeur – heart

Le coeur pompe le sang.
The heart pumps the blood.

les poumons – lungs

Les poumons respirent l’air.
The lungs breathe air.

l’estomac – stomach

L’estomac digère la nourriture.
The stomach digests food.

l’appendice – appendix

On m’a enlevé l’appendice il y a des années.

They took out my appendix years ago.

les reins – kidneys

Les reins filtrent le sang.

Kidneys filter the blood.

le foie – liver

Le foie filtre le sang.
The liver filters the blood.

les intestins – intestines

Les intestins digère la nourriture.
The intestines digest the food.

le pancréas – pancreas

Le pancréas produit de l’insuline.
The pancreas produces insulin.

la gorge – the throat

La gorge est le passage de l’air et de la nourriture
The throat is the passageway for air and food.

les veines – veins

Les veines transportent le sang vers le cœur.
Veins carry blood to the heart

les artères – arteries

Les artères transportent le sang du cœur.
Arteries carry blood away from the heart

le muscle – muscle

Les muscles déplacent le corps.
The muscles move the body.

le nerf – nerve

Il y a plus de 7 billions de nerfs dans le corps humain.

There are more than 7 trillion nerves in the human body.

la peau – skin

La peau est le plus gros organe.
The skin is the largest organ. 

la vessie – the bladder

La vessie colectionne l’urine.
The bladder collects urine.

l’organe – organ

le squelette – skeleton

le crâne – skull

la côte – rib

la machoire – jaw

le sang – blood

la colonne vertébrale – spine

l’os – bone

l’oesophage – esophagus

la trachée – trachea

et les parties internes du corps continuent! Can you write sentences for the internal body parts above in the comments, or add your own? Il y en a beaucoup plus, there are many more!

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  1. Sam ieng:

    It’s a very useful page so far on vocabulary for the internal organs. Thank you.

  2. Jill Hancock:

    Great article about the internal organs of the body.
    Presented in an easy way to clearly understand and remember. Thankyou 👍👍