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Les réseaux sociaux en France Posted by on Mar 26, 2021 in Language, Vocabulary

Les réseaux sociaux en France – Social Media in France

Photo from Pixabay, CCO.

If you don’t use les réseaux sociaux to help advance your French studies, I would highly suggest it. Social media can really allow you to immerse yourself even further into the culture and language that you are learning. If you are on Instagram or Facebook, I would suggest following creators that post in French, or even teachers who post specifically for learners of French. On YouTube there are also plenty of teachers you can follow, or French comedians could also be a great way to practice.

There are so many ways you can follow native speakers and hear natural French in a more informal setting. There is even a new audio only social media app called Clubhouse that has been becoming really popular. It’s like a live podcast that allows the audience to participate. This app is especially good for practicing languages and connecting with native speakers!

Here are some social media related vocabulary items that you will hear:

nom d’utilisateur – username

partager – to share

s’abonner – to subscribe, to follow

sauvegarder – to save

se connecter – to login

s’identifier – to login

signaler, bloquer – to report, to block

s’inscrire – to sign up, to register

suggérer des amis  – to suggest friends

suivre – to follow

supprimer – to remove

taguer quelqu’un sur une photo – to tag somebody in a photo

un abonné, une abonnée – a follower, a subscriber

un mot de passe – password

un sujet tendance – a trending topic

une mise à jour du statut – a status update

une photo du profil – a profile photo

voir les liens d’amitié – see friendship

un ami – a friend

une demande d’amitié – a friend request

valider la demande d’amitié – to accept the friend request

ajouter à mes amis – to add a friend

amis en commun – mutual friends

taguer – to tag

une notification – a notification

navigueur, surfer – to browse, to surf

ne plus suivre – unfollow

un j’aime – a like 

aimer – to like

liker – to like (regular ER verb)

un like – a like 

mettre un commentaire, un article, une photo – to post (a comment, an article, a photo)

un commentaire, un post – a post

un paramètre de confidentialité – a privacy setting

connecté – connected

connexion – log in

déconnecté – disconnected

déconnexion – log out

un profil – a profile

publier une photo – to publish a picture

tweeter – to tweet (regular ER verb)

retweeter – retweet (regular ER verb)

la page profil – home page

la page d’accueil – home page

la timeline – the timeline

un hashtag – hashtag

les tweets tendance – trending tweets

un tweet – a tweet


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