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Lost in (Textos/SMS) Translation? Posted by on Aug 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

To make sure you are au courant (aware) of the “textos/SMS” lingua, I have compiled for you a few must-know abbreviations that you’d be sure to see in a French text message, or even while chatting on Skype or Facebook !

Voici une petite liste (here’s a short list):

* A+
or @+: means “À plus“, like “later”, or “l8r”.
* ALP: “À la prochaine: Next time.
* ASV: “Âge, Sexe, Ville”, the equivalent of the English “ASL”, or “Age/Sex/Location”.
* ATT: à tout à l’heure“, as in “see you pretty soon”.
auj: Abbreviation for “aujourd’hui”, meaning “today”.
* b1sur:Bien sûr“: Of course. The “1”, “un“, makes up for the syllable “-ien.”
* bcp: Beaucoup“: Very much, as in “merci bcp” (thanks a lot).
bjr: Just short for bonjour !
* bsr:
Short for bonsoir !
* C
or Stands for “C’est”, meaning “It’s” or “it is”.
* c-a-d: “C’est-à-dire”. It means “it means” (really, no joke…)
* cho: “chaud”, that’s “hot”.
* Chui: “Je suis”, meaning “I am”.
* dac: “D’accord”, which is “OK”.
* DSL: “Désolé“: Sorry!
* DQP: Acronym for “Dès que possible”, or ASAP (As soon as possible!)
* EDR or MDR: Either one, “Écroulé de dire” or “Mort de rire”, they mean LOL!
ENTK: “En tout cas”, means “in any case”.
* G: Just like C/c’est, this one stands for “J’ai“, i.e. “I have”. As in “G la N“, I hate something, or “I H8”!
* J C: “Je sais”, meaning “I know”.
jms: “Jamais”, never.
* JTM: “Je t’aime”, I love you.
* KAN: Short for “quand“, when.
* KOI29″: What’s up, or “Quoi de neuf”: 2 = de, 9 =neuf.
* Mr6: “Merci”!
* OK1: “Aucun“, “none” or “no one”.
* Oué: “Ouais, yeah.
* P2K: “Pas de quoi”, meaning “you’re welcome” (…not “your”!)
PK: Pourquoi“, meaning “why”, or “Y”?
* QQN: Quelqu’un: Someone or “some1”
* RAS:
This abbreviation probably comes from the army: “Rien à signaler”, or “nothing to report”. Nothing new, basically.
* RE: Meaning “I’m back”.
* STP or SVP: “S’il te plait”, “please”.
* TDS: Tout de suite“, “at once”, or “right away”!
* TJS: “Toujours“, “always”.
* TNKT: Means T’inquiètes“, or “t’inquiètes pas”, meaning “don’t worry” or “no worries”.
* Tt: Short for “tout”, all.
* V1: “Viens”
, come.
* X: Since the same word for cross in French “Croixis the same for the verb croire (to believe) for the second, you can use just an X, as in “Crois-moi” or “X moi“, (believe me!)
* Y a: “Il y a”, meaning “there is”.

Bon allez, I tell you à toute mes amis, or ATT!

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  1. Jennie:

    TROP fort. mr6…OK1 poste n’ait ete si utile!

    • hichem:

      @Jennie Mr6 bcp Jennie, et @tte!

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    c’est trop mais pas utile!

  4. steve:

    What does O ; D.stand for when texting?