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Petite Question: Parlez-vous Français? Posted by on Jan 12, 2013 in Culture, Music, Vocabulary

photoDiscover a really fun video today, a bit in the style of the “Flight of the Conchords“, who knew un franc succès (a great success) a few years ago, especially in the beginner and intermediate level French classes!

If you don’t know “the Flight”, you should definitely check their grand tube (big hit) titled “Foux de Fa Fa.

It makes pêle-mêle (higgledy-piggledy) references to “la baguette“, “le jus d’orange(“orange juice”), “le pamplemousse” (“grape fruit”), and even, go figure why, “Monsieur Jacques Cousteau.”

Other than that, you can easily tell that this group, known under the sobriquet of “Art vs. Science“, is not French.

Their English pronunciation, completely deprived of “Ze French” accent, gives it away almost instantly…

At any rate, they are an interesting group who hails from le pays des kangourous et des koalas

Oui, it is l’Australie!

Here are les paroles (the lyrics) of this chanson (song) with un air assez entraînant (a rather catchy tune.)

Le titre (the title) is in fact a question… “Parlez-vous Français?

Bon allez, régalez-vous ! (Enjoy!)


“The Champs-Élysees is a busy street!

We getting down with everyone we meet

If you understand, then listen to me:

Si’l vous plait ma cherie allez tombez la chemise!

Le Chorus

“Parlez-vous  Français?

Oui! Parlez-vous  Français?


Si tu peux le parler allez tombez la chemise (Repeat)

(Awesome riff de guitare here !)

Do it now, because you can and I think you should.

Do it now, because you can and I told you to.

Do it now, because you can, I’ll take mine off too.

Do it now, because you can, ‘coz you caaannnn..

Got people moving up and down like an elevator.I’m keepin’ it cool like a kelvinator

Got binoculars for my sexy neighbours

They always in the yard

Cha cha cha



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    It’s funny.