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Sylvain Cloux: French Heavy Mental Genius Posted by on Nov 27, 2010 in Vocabulary

You’ve most likely heard the original versions of the following songs and soundtracks, and you probably have already heard des reprises musicales (music covers) of them before. But what’s really great and unique about Sylvain Cloux is that he brings them all to a whole new level, a “Heavy Metal” level, to a point where some of his fans wonder sometimes whether they prefer le morceau original (the original track) or la version de Sylvain ! He also plays every instrument on the tracks!

Really worth checking out! Sans que je ne m’étale, voici un genie Français du Metal.
(Wihtout overly expanding on the subject, here’s to you a French genius of Metal)

* The Beatles “HELP!”:

Ever wondered siLes Beatles” et Jimmy Hendrix avaient fait équipe (if they had teamed up), what the end result would’ve sounded like? Can’t really imagine? Well, let Sylvain to give you a little—“HELP”!

* * *

* L’Agent “Double Zero Sept” (007) meets Sylvain CLOUX:

– “Mon nom est Bond, James Bond” (“[My name is] Bond, James Bond”)
– Sylvain also prefers the “007” soundtrack “frappé, non agité” (“shaken, not stirred”)!

* * *

* Une Mission pas très Impossible (“A Mission Not So Impossible”) for Sylvain:

– The French proverb says: “À l’impossible nul n‘est tenu” (“No one is bound to do the impossible”)—sauf (except) Sylvain with la guitare !
– (Cette guitare s’auto-détruira dans 5 seconds… Bonne chance Sylvain)
(This guitar will self-destruct in 5 seconds… Good luck Sylvain)

* * *


* Sylvain CLOUX’s “Les Pirates des Caraïbes” (“Pirates of the Caribbean”)

Unlike many other “pirates d’eau douce“(literally “freshwater pirates”—One of many Capitaine Haddock’s favorite “expletives”!), Sylvain’s work is un trésor.

* * *

Finally, for les vrais fans du genre (for the true fans of the genre), Sylvain plays a Metallica classique: “Sad But True.

Chapeau bas, mec! (Hats off to you, buddy!)

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