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Top 50 Funniest French Names (The Letter A!) Posted by on Feb 24, 2012

Salut!  Did you know that when you are a kid in France, you learn to play a little funny game called “Monsieur et Madame” (“Mr. and Mrs.“) This is pretty much how it goes: – You ask someone: “Monsieur et Madame <some name> ont un fils/une fille, comment s’appelle-t-il/s’appelle-t-elle? “ Meaning: “Mr. and Mrs. <some name> have a…

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MDR/LOL! Blagues (jokes) françaises Part 2 Posted by on Jan 27, 2011

MDR = “Mort De Rire!” = LOL * Quand j’étais plus jeune, je détestais aller aux mariages (When I was younger, I used to hate going to weddings) parce que mes vieilles tantes et mes grands parents venaient près de moi (because my old aunts and grandparents used to come towards me), me donnaient une grande…

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