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How to Make French Nouns Plural Posted by on Mar 11, 2009

Making nouns plural in the French language can be a bit more complicated than English, but perhaps not.  Just like in English, you normally add an -s to the written form of the singular.  I say written form, because usually the pronunciation doesn’t change one bit when using a plural noun, except for the links…

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French Language – Animate Nouns and Gender Posted by on Dec 11, 2008

We could say that there are six different types of nouns: animate nouns (people, animals), inanimate nouns (things, ideas), proper nouns (such as cities and names), common nouns (such as avenue, liberté), simple nouns (such as fourchette, papier, ami) and compound nouns (such as croque-monsieur, boîte aux lettres).  Today, we’re going to talk about animate…

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