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How to Say “Give it Up” in French Slang Posted by on Feb 24, 2013

Formal French is of course essential to learn if you want to master le français, but French slang is also  a “must”, especially if you plan to actually go to France. You also need French slang to understand French movies, songs—and even graffiti, for example! We’ll focus today on one particular expression that French people…

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Francoscopie – Understanding the French Posted by on Aug 6, 2009

Do you want to know what the French people are really like, but either can’t travel to France or can’t find any real French people to come to know?  Or are you French and want to know more about your own society?  Well, maybe the analyses undertaken and published by the study and advisory bureau…

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On se tutoie? Posted by on Nov 21, 2008

The French language is sometimes thought of as a formal language.  Possibly one of the reasons is because of the tutoyer and vouvoyer thing.  For those of you who speak French and especially those of you who have visited a French-speaking country, you probably fully understand what I’m talking about.  The rules are not very…

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