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I Put a Spell on You! All Your Favorite “Hocus Pocus” Moments in French Posted by on Oct 28, 2017

Halloween is right around the corner. Jack-o-lanterns are on front porches. Pretty leaves are on the ground and sidewalks. Last-minute costumes are being purchased. Blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. etc. There’s certainly something magical about this time of year, but everyone knows the true reason for the season is the 1993 classic film “Hocus Pocus…

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La Toussaint (All Saints’ Day) Posted by on Oct 24, 2016

As Tim mentioned in a recent post, Halloween traditionally wasn’t celebrated in France and has only been exported to France is recent years from American traditions. Even when I was living in France around eight years ago, you wouldn’t see children trick-or-treat in the streets of Paris. Rather, some friends would hold small Halloween parties and…

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Le Bal Masqué Posted by on Oct 7, 2010

The fanciest party I’ve ever been to… …was not this one. This was my office holiday party last year. Couple of goons. La fête la plus élégante à laquelle j’ai jamais assisté (assister= to attend) était le Gala Sciences Po en 2008. Sciences Po is a university, or more properly une grande école, meaning a…

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