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La Plume Française (The French Quill Pen) Posted by on Apr 11, 2013

Unlike what their name may suggest to some at first, the French group “Louise Attack” is no Heavy Metal band à-la-Rammstein. In fact, their songs are for the most part relaxées (chill) and rather mellow. One of such songs is “la Plume“, meaning “The Quill Pen“, which we feature today, together with an exclusive translation of its…

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Dis-moi Encore Que Tu M’aimes Posted by on Oct 13, 2011

Love needs to be fort (strong.) Love needs to be réciproque (reciprocal.) But for love to be firm, it also desperately needs to be confirmé (confirmed.) Hence the importance of telling, whispering, writing, yelling, drawing, encore et encore (over and over again) what your deepest feelings are! – So yes, go ahead, refresh mon cœur et mon esprit (my heart…

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Summer Parisian Soirées Posted by on Jul 17, 2011

With the now-renown French music group “Louise Attaque“, les soirées Parisiennes (the Parisian nights) offer an experience that’s easily comparable to un vol (a flight) over a volcano! With “Louise Attaque“, a Summer night in Paris combines the Tuscan beauty of Siena with the enthralling magic of le Brésil (Brazil)… Louise Attaque: “Les Nuits Parisiennes“ Et j’vis…

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