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The “Gaulois” Legacy in French Part 1 Posted by on Feb 8, 2011

Long before that the hexagonal land that we know today as France was invaded by foreign German tribes called the Franks, who went as far as changing its original language and name, it was known to its inhabitants as La Gaule. Those native inhabitants, who were of Celtic “souche“(a Gaulish word meaning “stock”, “origin”), were known…

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Tribute to a Celtic Tune: “La tribu de Dana” by Manau Posted by on Jan 30, 2011

With a tune hailing all the way from the proud shores of Bretagne (Brittany),Celtic group Manau sang this immensely successful chanson (song) in France: “La tribu de Dana” (“The tribe of Dana”)—about thirteen years ago already! “La tribu de Dana” is actually inspired from an old traditional Breton song called “Tri Martolod“, which means “The Three…

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